Jean Royere

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Jean Royere

Jean Royere (1929 – )

Leaving a successful Import business career, in 1929, Jean Royère chooses to become an interior designer. He quickly gains fame through his iconoclastic designs, mixing unexpected materials, colors, and shapes. Decorative ornaments become architecture in his hands.

From the 1940s, Jean Royere opens offices in the Middle East, as well as South America.

Full of humor, poetry, wonder but also boldness, these creations coming from elsewhere reflect at the same time their creator’s imagination, but also the revival of the modern style.

Among his patrons were King Farouk, King Hussein of Jordan, and the Shah of Iran, who were captivated by his freedom of creation and his elegance and entrusted him with the layout of their palaces. Royère pioneered an original style combining bright colors, organic forms and precious materials within a wide range of imaginative accomplishments.



May 5, 2019