Felix Agostini

Gabriel & Guillaume / Felix Agostini

Félix Agostini was born in 1910 in Paris. This self-taught drawer and wanderer of the imagination raised his flag very high in the twentieth century landscape, by the abstract, stylized and surrealist seal of his lamps and sculptures.

Agostini founded his own atelier where his first wrought iron, ceramics and bronzes model were imagined and undertaken and further predicated his attachment to the aesthetic of his day by designing an hommage piecework to Alberto and Diego Giacometti : « L’Echassier ». Only from 1955 did he start to sculpt in bronze his most renowned créations.

Felix Agostini disappeared on 19th February 1980. His two-hundred pieces great work loses nothing to the evanescence of time but rather, improves itself gently.